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Learn to Surf | Surf Lessons in Santa Monica

Surf Lessons in Santa Monica

Los Angeles, CA

Santa Monica| LA Surf Lessons

Santa Monica is a popular destination for beginners and intermediates to surf. From Will Rogers beach, all the way down south to the Santa Monica Pier, the waves at this popular Los Angeles beach break have waves that are great for surfing lessons all throughout the year.
Some of the most popular spots to surf in Los Angeles are in Santa Monica, including Bay Street, Ocean Park, and select spots just off the pier. Spectators will find longboarders and shortboarders alike, surfing the coastline from sunrise to sunset.
Many of our instructors are from Santa Monica originally, or have spent a long time in West Los Angeles, and have become so familiar with our beaches that any surf student can rest assured they will be surfing ideal conditions with us, every single day

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